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Milpitas, CA 95035
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2013 - A Retrospective

Church Admin

As we look back on our activities throughout the past year - Communion services, discipleship training, outings, baby dedications, many baptisms (praise God!), our first AY meeting, Operation Blueprint kickoff meeting with pastor Ivor Myers, International Day festival, Pathfinder and Eager Beaver graduation ceremonies, and our ever-improving and dedicated (and large!) choir group - we realize one thing, and that one thing is summed up in the following:

We live to worship our Redeemer.  We live to give Him praise and honor.  We want to not only follow Him wherever He goes and obey His every word, but we desire to share Him with those around us.

As we wrapped up 2013 with our special Christmas Sabbath Service, we realize how God has led us all in this past year, and has touched our lives in so many ways.  The music is only part of it, but it is evidence that He has blessed us tremendously.  The little faithfulness He asked us to have, He has blessed and multiplied tenfold.  His biddings truly are enablings.  Happy new year to all, God bless!