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Agape Feast and Early Communion Service (31st Dec)

Church Admin

Note from Haydee:

December 31 will be a very special Sabbath for us as we will have our Agape Feast at the gym during divine worship time. We are also set to kick off our 40 Days of Prayer that afternoon/evening. Now there is a  plan to start foot washing at 10:15am. 

Because of this, I think it will be best for our Adult SS to start the lesson study right at 9:20am. We will skip having a regular SS program so that we can go ahead and have lesson study by classes and end at 10:15am. Please inform your classes tomorrow about this change for Dec. 31 Sabbath and make sure there is a teacher for each class on Dec. 31.

I understand this will be difficult for the children's division. So I will let the teachers decide as you see fit for the parents/families that go to your classes. If you feel you cannot end the class at 10:15, please allow the parents who want to participate in foot washing to leave at that time. Please also adjust the end time of your classes as we are all expected to be in the gym by 10:45am for the divine worship/agape feast. We are all encouraged to participate in the foot washing service before heading over to agape feast.

Please let Haydee( know if you have any questions or concerns